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2017 Top Tattoo Ideas for Women

March 13, 20170

Here is a compilation of some of the most beautiful tattoos for women! Just a few ideas for your next…

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This is What Happens To Your Body When You’re Getting A Tattoo

May 24, 20160

It’s only occurred to me in the last several weeks that I might be an adrenaline junkie. Do I jump…

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If You Love Your Ink, You Never Regret It

April 25, 20160

If you have a tattoo, you’ve likely heard at least one person – family, friends, or even strangers telling you…

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Top 10 Tattooed Disney Princesses

August 7, 20150

Are you a Disney fan? These are just some of our favorites…enjoy our top 10 tattooed Disney princesses.    

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Sunburn Tattoos and Health Issues

July 22, 20150

Dermatologists are alarmed by a new fad that they say is jeopardizing health. It’s called sunburn tattooing, and doctors say…

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Tattoos And Workplace. Do They Really Mix?

July 17, 20150

The beauty of a tattoo may be in the eye of the beholder, but what your boss thinks about it…

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Top 10 American Flag Tattoo Design Ideas

July 3, 20150

The American flag stands tall and strong among all the countries of the world. The 50 stars shining intense representing…

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Tattoos Go Beyond Fashion Statement For Egypt’s Copts

June 30, 20150

Tattoos have become commonplace in most of the Western world, with one in five American adults, for instance, supposedly sporting…

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Extreme Tattoos and Piercing Body Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind

June 26, 20150

As a tattoo enthusiast, you probably seeing amazing tattoos, some not so great…and a few extreme tattoos and piercing body…

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Meet UK Tattoo Cover Up Team

June 23, 20151

Meet the tattoo fixers who erase your body ink mistakes For some tattoo parlours, up to half of business now…

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