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Stunning Glowing In The Dark Tattoos Video

November 4, 20150

This video has some of the best glowing in the dark tattoo designs we seeing so far.  

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Hyper Realistic Tattoos That Break The Mold

September 23, 20150

Hyper realistic tattoos are the modern day type of art. The art of tattoos is becoming ever more detailed and…

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Stunning Tribal Tattoo Design Ideas for Women

August 3, 20150

Find tribal tattoo design ideas and inspirations for your next ink! Here you will find out top tribal ink designs…

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Minimalistic Tattoos By Seoeon

August 1, 20150

Korean tattoo artist Seoeon creates minimalist and discreet tattoos offering a small artistic touch to the skin, light colored or…

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Top 10 American Flag Tattoo Design Ideas

July 3, 20150

The American flag stands tall and strong among all the countries of the world. The 50 stars shining intense representing…

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Full Arm Sleeve Dragon Tattoos

June 11, 20150

Dragons are one of the legendary creatures. Mythical creatures that breathe fire and fly– this better explains dragons. Dragon tattoos…

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Horror Movie Inspired Tattoos

June 5, 20150

Horror movies are a thrill to watch. A lot of people love watching horror movies because they feel their own…

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Top 5 World’s Strangest Tattoos

June 3, 20150

Hundreds of inspirations can stir interest to any tattoo artist or tattoo enthusiast around the world. The evolution of simple…

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Tasteful and Distasteful Forehead Tattoos

May 28, 20150

As styles and ideas to tattooing change through the years, there are various concepts that seemed impossible before but are…

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Religious Tattoos: How Other Religions View Tattoos

May 22, 20150

There are so many tattoo designs nowadays that it has become very hard to choose just one. Many tattoos these…

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