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Top Snake Tattoos and Their Meaning

May 19, 20150

The evolution of tattoos has always involved different symbols and numerous associations with a personal meaning to the artist or…

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Dark Angel Tattoos and their Meaning

May 18, 20150

An angel is one of the most popular and symbolic tattoo designs that you could get. Some people think that…

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7 Wicked Bodysuit Tattoos

May 16, 20150

The art of tattooing has expanded from small and simple designs to more intricate and varied concepts. Tattoo enthusiasts and…

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Old School and Dagger Tattoos: Favorite Classic Tattoos

May 15, 20150

Getting a tattoo is considered a rite of passage for anyone. It can mark a beginning of a new path…

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Fashion and Tattoos, Do They Really Mix?

May 13, 20150

The world of fashion is very fickle. One moment bell bottoms are in, and then skinny jeans are the most…

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10 Sexiest Mermaid Tattoo Designs

May 7, 20150

Mermaid tattoos are iconic in Tattoo History due to the heritage of sailors. This design has been commonly made use…

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Evolving Tattoo Art

May 6, 20150

Think of your skin as a blank canvas, waiting for an artist’s masterful hands to turn it into art in…

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The Good, the Bad and the Downright Terrible Tattoos

May 4, 20150

Terrible tattoos can be a source of entertainment for some people. Others find them irksome or an eyesore. What could…

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Girls Playing with the Big Bad Boys of Tattoo

April 30, 20150

Scientists believed that some of the earliest people who used tattoos were the Egyptians. More specifically, the Egyptian women. Some…

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Pros and Cons of Getting a Tattoo Art

April 26, 20150

Getting a tattoo art is a matter of personal decision that could last you lifetime. During the previous years, body…

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