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Top 10 Tattoos by Sean Herman

March 19, 20150

Sean Herman was always on the go. He got associated with all sort of activities and things that shaped him.…

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Traditional Japanese Style Tattoos and Their History

March 18, 20150

All of us know what amazing country, loaded with beautiful architectural history and people Japan is, and maybe everyone has…

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Tattoos Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

March 16, 20150

This holiday is celebrated every year on March 17th, honoring the Irish tutelary saint, St. Patrick. The celebrations are largely…

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Scary and Dark Friday the 13th Tattoos

March 13, 20150

This Friday the 13th we want to share some of the scariest and dark tattoos and their tattoo artists. From…

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Top 13 Unbelievable Watercolor Tattoos

March 11, 20153

I have to confess, it was really hard selecting only 13 watercolor tattoos to share with our readers. Here are…

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Inspiring Clock and Watch Tattoo Designs

March 7, 20150

A watch is a mechanical or electrical gadget for measuring time. It is typically given as a gift to a…

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Top 12 Most Amazing Star Wars Tattoos

February 27, 20150

There are so many amazing Star Wars tattoos out there, check it out which ones made the top 12.  …

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Sexy Stocking Lines Tattoo Designs

February 26, 20150

Get inspired with some of the most unique and sexy stocking lines, also called seam line tattoos, designs.    …

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Interesting and Curious Facts About Tattoos

February 22, 20151

There are so many interesting and curious facts about tattoos out there, so we gathered just some of the most…

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Beautiful Military Tribute Tattoo Designs

February 16, 20150

Military tattoo designs is the theme of this week. We gathered some of the most beautiful and remarkable military tattoos,…

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