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Featured Tattoo Artist: Niki Norberg

February 15, 20151

This week we feature tattoo artist Niki Norberg. Niki prefer to work with realism with a preference for high level…

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Couples Who Got Their Tattoos Together

February 14, 20150

Many couples out there declare their love by getting tattoos together…so, we gathered just a few to give ideas of…

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Top 10 Disturbing 3D Tattoos

February 11, 20151

Following the top 10 tattoos, we decided to put together our top 10 disturbing 3D tattoos…these are tattoos we found…

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Nikko Hurtado

February 9, 20150

This week’s featured tattoo artist is Nikko Hurtado. This amazing tattoo artist hailed from Hesperia, CA, and currently works at…

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10 Outrageous Full Body Tattoos

February 8, 20154

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Dmitriy Samohin

February 5, 20150

Dmitriy Samohin from Ukraine is without a doubt one of the most talented realistic tattoo artists around the globe.  …

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Celtic Tattoo Designs Origin

January 30, 20150

Celtic history goes back thousands of years. Early Celtic folks were well known for their skills in artwork of jewelry,…

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The Real Meaning of Flower Tattoos

January 28, 20150

These days, increasingly more women are getting tattoos. As even more women make a decision to get tattoos, flower styles…

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Creative Tribal Tattoo Designs

January 26, 20151

Tribal tattoo style seems to be among one of the most popular, next to flowers and other tattoo styles for…

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Fred Flores

January 24, 20150

Tattoo artist of the week — Fred Flores Tattoo artist @ INKSLINGERS Tattoo studio, in Alhambra CA, for info and…

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