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Creating Meaning through Clock Tattoos

Tattoos have been around for a very long time. They are believed to have existed since 12,000 BC. In the past, tattoos were commonly indications of one’s stature in a community. If you were a warrior from a tribe, the number of your tattoos will equal the number of victories you have had against your enemies. Tattoos were also used for decorative purposes. Traditional tattoos were made by hand-tapping ink to the skin through sharp, needle-like objects made from bones or sharpened sticks.

Loin Clock Tattoo

Getting a tattoo nowadays is more convenient and hygienic compared to the olden times. This lessened the doubts and apprehensions of many and led to the increase of people wanting to get tattoos. Just like those warriors from the past, some people (individuals involved in organized crime) still use tattoos as a means to show their stature.

Back skull clock tattoo

Since then, tattoos have evolved and cultures have changed, but they still represent people’s ideals. People get tattoos for different reasons. Some get them for aesthetic purposes: women have eyebrows tattooed on them, and some use tattoos to cover scars. Ultimately, they are used to express one’s self. It is impossible not to see a hint of people’s personalities while looking at their tattoos. Tattoo designs can come in different forms like pictures and words, or a combination of both. Clock tattoos are interesting and are uncommon designs. They are beautiful on their own and they are beautiful when other designs are incorporated into them.

Clock mechanics tattoo

Clock tattoos, sometimes called watch tattoos, are eye-catching designs. They usually cover a large area of skin due to the clock’s details. A person can easily get creative when choosing clock tattoos as they come in different kinds, such as grandfather clocks, analog clocks, hourglass, alarm clocks, wrist and pocket watches. Aside from this, there are also numerous meanings associated with them.

Blood clock script tattoo

When looking at clocks, it is impossible not to think about time. Clock tattoos may be used to mark a special event in a person’s life. It is also common to associate these tattoos with the concept of life and death as they could indicate the birth of a child or a death of a loved one. In detention facilities, clocks without hands are a common variety among prisoners. These tattoos may indicate a long prison sentence.

Realistic eye clock tattoo

Whichever way you choose to use clock tattoos, it is best to remember that these tattoos will leave a permanent mark not just on your skin but also in your mind. Having tattoos is a good way to eternalize a specific memory from your mind. May these tattoos serve as reminders for everyone to make time for the people and things that truly matter. Make the best use of time as it only passes once.

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