Ed Sheeran’s Eye Sore Chest Lion Tattoo Ed Sheeran’s Eye Sore Chest Lion Tattoo Full view

Ed Sheeran’s Eye Sore Chest Lion Tattoo

Did you see Ed Sheeran’s new massive lion tattoo? His tattoo artist told E!News that he started the tattoo Monday but has a long way to go!

“The piece as it stands took about 6 hours to do but there is still about 6 hours left to complete the tattoo,” he says.

Even though Sheeran usually “handles the pain well,” Paul admits that his latest ink might have caused the singer some discomfort. “…Through the last hour on this piece you could see the pain started to get to him. The chest is a painful place to get inked,” he explains.

Clearly the British singer is not just pleased with how far he’s come but also extremely thankful to the fans who remain to support him.

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Original source: www.eonline.com

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