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How To Care For Your New Tattoo – First Week

You have your new tattoo and the job of your artist is done. Now it is your turn to take care of your new inked body marking. It is very crucial that you take good care of your healing tattoo. The kind of tattoo care that you will follow would have a direct impact on how it will look for the rest of your life. Below, you will find helpful tips on proper tattoo care.

Tattoo Care: The Initial 48 Hours

In the process of healing, the initial 48 hours are the most crucial. Follow the tips below:

  • Keep it bandaged – once done, your artist will put a bandage over your inked body marking to safeguard it from dirt as well as other foreign objects. Keeping it bandage will also keep your clothes from rubbing against the sensitive skin. It is highly recommended that you keep the bandage on overnight so that the ink will not stick to your pajamas or bed sheets. During the initial 12 hours, some of the ink will seep out of the skin and stain whatever you are wearing.

If you bathe prior to bedtime, wash the inked skin area and then cautiously tape a sheet of plastic wrap over it. This will make an excellent protective cover for your new inked body marking.

Simple tattoo aftercare tips

  • Keep it clean – when the bandage has come off, you will have to clean your inked body marking. Expect to have some of the ink color slime to be oozing out of the skin along with a few drops of blood. Gently wash the area with water and soap.

Tattoo Care: Tips to Boost the Process of Healing

There is an excellent way that can boost the recovery process. While you are washing the inked skin area, you will notice that it will feel like you had sunburn so it will be highly sensitive to warm water. Allow the warm water to run through the tattoo until it gets used to the water’s temperature. When the water no longer causes a burning sensation, turn the temperature up a little so that it will irritate the affected skin again. Do this technique all over again until the water gets slightly hotter than what you will consider as a really hot shower. This technique will help open up the skin pores of the inked area and eliminate all the excess ink and dirt. This will help your skin to heal better and faster. After you washed the inked skin for the very first time, avoid moisturizing it with anything. Just keep it dry and cover it with a sheet of plastic wrap. This will protect your skin from irritation.
tattoo aftercare kit

During the next night, your tattoo care should involve washing your tattoo once again with water and soap. Once the skin has dried, you have to moisturize it with any of the products below prior to rewrapping it with a plastic sheet:

Moisturize the affected area once or twice daily for about 4 to 5 days.

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