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Pros and Cons of Getting a Tattoo Art

Getting a tattoo art is a matter of personal decision that could last you lifetime. During the previous years, body art such as tattoos were often perceived as taboo; although in the more recent years, they become more popular and acceptable way of self-expression among people of all interests, ages and genders. Deciding to have a tattoo art can often result to anxiety or doubt; however, there are numerous benefits to getting one. Such benefits can result to a whole-new experience that you will never forget.

Below are some of the major benefits of getting inked:

pros and cons of getting tattoos

•    Expressing Oneself
Body art provides people with the chance for self-expression by allowing the whole world to know how they feel inside or who they are through words, symbols, phrases, and images. Expressing oneself through body art may let an individual to rebel or vent out without taking their feelings and emotions to a physical level. For some people, getting a tattoo enhances their physical attributes or provides them a sense of sexiness and beauty in their own skin, which can ultimately lead to improved self confidence. Tattoo art also provide an excellent way for expressive people to display their beliefs or faith or bare their personality.

benefits of getting tattoos
Tattoos of @crazyruben1

•    Art Work
One of the advantages of getting inked is that your body can serve as a permanent showcase for art work. Whether the design of your inked marking is inspired elsewhere or dreamed up by the  tattoo artists or by the recipient, just about anything can be displayed anywhere in the body. Extraordinary and vibrant tattoo art, when visible to other people can real be attention grabbers.

pros of getting a tattoo
Tattoo done by @seanmccready

•    Bonding Experience
Family members, best friends and other relatives get symbolic or matching tattoo to depict a message that has a meaning to the bearers. For example, the popular inclination of married couples having marriage bonds tattooed in their fingers signifies the aspiration to have an eternal or long-lasting relationship with one another. Fraternity or sorority members, who are tightly-knit colleagues and friends, now tend to have their Greek symbols tattooed on their bodies to symbolize their loyalty to the group. Getting inked with loved ones or special persons can serve as an unforgettable experience that depicts commitment to a lasting relationship.

The Risks of Getting Tattoo Art

There is always some sort of health risk associated with permanent body modifications. Go to an artist that does not have the proper competency and training and you might end up suffering from a skin problem or an infection. As long as you do your assignment and take time to research on your possible artist you can stay away from common problems.Also, make sure to learn more about the possible health risks that come with getting inked.


Poorly applied ink design is almost always an issue. Even if you have your own design and it is precisely what you want, an incompetent artist can entirely ruin the end product. This is can be prevented by conducting thorough research on possible artists, and only opting for those who have proper training and extensive experience. No matter if your look came from your own hands or a design gallery, make sure that you are engaging a responsible and reliable artist.

For more information about tattoo safety, click here.

Featured image: Tattoo by Dmitriy Troshin

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