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Secrets about Women and Tattoos

Things They Don’t Tell You about Women and Tattoos

As tattoos are getting more conventional these days, even women are interested in getting their skins inked. The percentage of women getting tattoos outweighs the number of men. In fact, the US 2012 survey found out that the percentage of women with tattoo is at 23% while men who have tattoos are only at 19%. Even tattoo artists admit that most of their schedules are filled with women clients.

Things you should know about Women and Tattoos Women
However, the relationship between women and tattoos created some perceptions that might put some women off. However, if you really want to get a tattoo, then no one should really affect your decision.
Below are some of the issues women with tattoos have to deal with:

The process of tattooing is painful and although you can choose where to place your tattoos, the fact remains that it hurts. Women and tattoos for some people do not go together. This is mainly because they believe that men can tolerate more pain compared to women. However, with liberal thinking of people nowadays, women can have their own tattoos without being greatly judged.

The truth about women and tattoos

Tattooing process hurts regardless of who you are. It just depends on the person’s tolerance for pain that makes everything seem less painful.

• Women and tattoos create a certain stigma. Tattoo itself already has a negative connotation. Some people still associate it with gangs, criminals, drug users and prostitutes. This becomes double negative for women with tattoos. Some people still criticize a woman with tattoos and regard her as someone with no class, no self-regard for her body and one who lacks femininity.

Women and tattoos

• Not all workplaces accept women and tattoos. According to the Center for Professional Excellence at York College in Pennsylvania, 61% of HR managers admit that having tattoos affects an applicant’s chance of landing a job. Although some hiring managers do not do it intentionally, they claim that tattoos found on any visible part of an applicant’s body subconsciously put them off. This especially holds true if the nature of the job requires face-to-face interaction with customers.

Women and tattoos in the workplace
Ken Koons/Staff Photo – Maegan Dobash holds a cat at the Maryland SPCA, in Baltimore

• According to the study conducted by psychologist Nicolas Gueguen, there are multiple findings that women and tattoos create a different appeal to men. His finding shows that men tend to approach women with tattoos easily because they are more sexually receptive. However, when these men are asked to look at a picture of a woman with tattoos and one without the tattoo, they judged those with tattoos to be less intelligent, less honest and less generous. This makes women with tattoos to be classified negatively.

Women with tattoos

Your body, your canvas! It doesn’t matter if you are men or women, having tattoos is your choice and how you express yourself to the world.

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