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Steps on How to Become a Tattooer

The process of tattooing has already evolved since ancient times. Anyone can be one of the best tattooers even without formal education, although you will need some artistic talent and a lot of commitment and discipline.

Become a tattooer

To be a good in this craft, you should at least have a high school diploma, or a GED. You will need a certification to be a professional. Tattooers are extremely skilled artists. You should commit yourself to the art and always practice your drawing skills, paying close attention to the color and details. Keep in mind that although you can correct your drawing on paper, you cannot do the same when you tattoo on a person’s skin, so you should always strive to perfect your craft. An excellent vision and steady hands are two main qualities of great tattooers.

You should acquire a textbook on this art. You may have friends who are already professional tattooers, but it is still better if you have reference at home to help you gain more ideas on the craft. When you think you have enough ideas of your own, try applying for apprenticeship from professional artists. You will learn a lot if you watch the pros do their job.

Steps to become a tattooer

Tattooers never call a tattoo machine a “gun”. You shouldn’t too. It may look like one, but it isn’t a gun. To some dedicated experts, improperly referring to the tool may mean disrespect for them and the tool itself. You should always be available to help your mentor, you can learn a lot from him and he may even teach you some of his “secret” techniques.


Although you don’t need formal education to be an artist, you will still learn a lot from enrolling in a short course for it. Yes, you will learn the techniques from your mentor, but a good practitioner should also know how to prevent skin infections and diseases. Some states issue licenses for tattooers and they need to pass a test first before they can get one. Some tests will include skin diseases due to tattooing, so it would be best that you know everything about the art.

Become a tattoo artist

Building a strong client base requires a lot of hard work and dedication. To be a popular practitioner, you need to perform as much tattoos on as much people as possible and you have to do an excellent job on all of them. To be a good artist takes hard work, but if you are committed, you’ll be one of the best in your craft.


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