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Top 5 Tattoos Even Tattoo Artists Refuse To Do

January 22, 20170

There are some tattoos that are so deplorable that even tattoo artists refuse to do it themselves. Yeah, I got…

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Female Tattoo Artists

January 3, 20170

In the September 2015 issue of ‘Inked’ publication, a man wrote an essay called’ On Femininity and the Tattoo Industry’.…

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Neal Tyner

November 23, 20160

Award-winning, international tattoo artist, Neal Tyner was raised in Brownsville, Texas and has been tattooing since early 2010. In 2009…

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Nicko Onno

July 26, 20160

This week we are featuring an young and very talented tattoo artist – Nicko Onno. He is originally from Athens…

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Dragos Dinu

December 11, 20150

This week featured tattoo artist is Dragos Dinu. He was born in Iasi, Romania, a city that sits on seven…

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Philip Milic

June 24, 20150

This week, our featured tattoo artist is Philip Milic. His works are always original. When creating a new tattoo art,…

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Jess Yen

June 1, 20150

Jess Yen is an award winning artist on both, worldwide and nationwide level. He is renowned for his realistic portraits…

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Grime

May 27, 20150

He has actually been an icon in the Northern California tattoo scene for many years. Admired by the young powerhouses…

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Corey Miller

April 6, 20150

Corey Miller (born 1967) is a tattoo artist and TV celebrity. He began tattooing at the age of 15. He…

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Tattooing Techniques for Aspiring Tattoo Artists

March 31, 20150

Becoming a tattoo artist means learning different techniques and styles. While in training, an aspiring artist will develop skills in…

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