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Freehand Skull Tattoo Design by Johan

March 30, 20150

Impressive freehand Skull Tattoo By Johan. For more information about the Russian Tattoo Artists and Johan, click here…you can also…

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Tattoo Artist Stars in Luxury Watch Photoshoot

March 28, 20150

Meet Jordan Liddell. Tattoo Artist, model, artist. Currently using his keen eye for detail and creative streak to create scarily…

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Top 10 Tattoos by Sean Herman

March 19, 20150

Sean Herman was always on the go. He got associated with all sort of activities and things that shaped him.…

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Carlos Torres

February 23, 20150

This week Sick Tattoos is featuring tattoo artist Carlos Torres. He specializes in Black & Gray realism, he loves doing…

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How Much Will A Tattoo Cost?

February 1, 20150

As soon as you decide¬†to get a tattoo, you’ll find yourself facing an essential question — How much it will…

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Fred Flores

January 24, 20150

Tattoo artist of the week — Fred Flores Tattoo artist @ INKSLINGERS Tattoo studio, in Alhambra CA, for info and…

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