Tattoos Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day Tattoos Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day Full view

Tattoos Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day

This holiday is celebrated every year on March 17th, honoring the Irish tutelary saint, St. Patrick. The celebrations are largely Irish culture themed and normally include wearing green, parades, and drinking. Some churches might hold spiritual services and lots of schools and offices close in Suffolk County, the location consisting of Boston and its suburban areas.

People all over the world commemorate St. Patrick’s Day, particularly places with large Irish-American communities. Here are just a few tattoos celebrating this holiday.

1) Saint Patrick’s Tattoo by Dan Stewart

Saint Patrick's Tattoo by Dan Stewart

2) Full back leprechaun tattoo

Full back leprechaun tattoo

3) Three leaf clover tattoo

Three leaf clover tattoo

4) Irish cross with three leaf clover tattoo

Irish cross tattoo

5) Celtic harp with three leaf clover tattoo

Celtic harp with three leaf clover tattoo

6) Horse shoe Irish good luck

Horse shoe Irish goodluck

7) Girl leprechaun tattoo

Girl leprechaun tattoo

8) St. Patrick’s Day tattoo Joshua Hibbard

St. Patrick's Day tattoo Joshua Hibbard

9) Angry Leprechaun tattoo

Angry Leprechaun tattoo

10) Celtic shamrock tattoo

Celtic shamrock tattoo


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