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The Relation Between Tattoos And Music

A society is often determined by its norms and practices, and each society has its own way of showing them. A community may be able to expose its culture through its peoples’ actions and appearances. Nevertheless, it is more common for individuals in a society to express themselves through a creative medium called art.

Art is not confined to a single form as it is expressed through numerous ways. Architecture is an art that normally varies from one place to another. It is also possible to distinguish differing cultures by simply looking at different pottery designs. Art and society can influence each other simultaneously. In the same way, different types of art can also influence each other. Tattoos and music are two unique and popular mediums of art that affect each other in unique ways.

Josh Todd (Buckcherry)
Josh Todd (Buckcherry)

Music is a common way of expressing one’s self. It has been around for a long time, even way before tattoos were first discovered. Music is expressed by utilizing different notes to compose a melody which can convey different moods and impressions to the person listening. Despite its invisibility, it is powerful. It is such a powerful tool that affects how people perceive things. It affects how they act and feel. It affects how they think. It is safe to assume that not a day goes by without encountering music. Because music is so powerful, it even influences people’s appearances.


Tommy Lee tattoos
Tommy Lee (Motley Crue)

A tattoo can be likened to an accessory. Tattoos are like clothes one wears to express his or her style. You can see music’s influence in the tattoo industry as some get tattoos of song lyrics on their bodies. People emulate the artists they like and may want to get tattoos similar to theirs. A tattoo may depend on the kind of music you are into. You may have gothic style tattoos if you are into rock or emo music. Hip hop music lovers will have tattoos representing the hip hop lifestyle as well. Sompong, a famous Thai artist is known to sing chants while working on a tattoo. Tattoos and music help express human feelings and beliefs. They are both forms of art that give identity to every society.

Slash tattoos

Tattoos and music represent things that are relevant to the lives of people. These are embedded in their culture. These art forms are ways of expressing things that are not so easily conveyed. Tattoos and music are two unique and separate forms of art, but they are interrelated. Music travels through your ears in an audible sound. With that, it influences tattooing as it creates a visual representation of that sound.


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