Top Snake Tattoos and Their Meaning Top Snake Tattoos and Their Meaning Full view

Top Snake Tattoos and Their Meaning

The evolution of tattoos has always involved different symbols and numerous associations with a personal meaning to the artist or the person getting inked. Many of these designs have included statements, images, and colors which vary in terms of meanings. Among all those, one popular choice is the snake tattoo. This concept has intrigued and fascinated many people. But before getting one, here are different associations to the snake tattoos.

Snake Tattoos – Cultural Variations

Tiger and Snake full back tattoo
Photo by: Andreas Laszlo Konrath

Many meanings could be associated with the snake tattoos among cultures and throughout history. In general understanding, the slithering snake has a common resemblance with water, which is a symbol to purify, to heal, and to cleanse.

In Greek mythology, in particular, this animal is seen with great importance with the deity of medicine, Asclepius. This association is so common, thus making the snake a symbol of healing and renewal because of its ability to shed off old skin. Even in modern practices, there is a symbolization of two snakes which show a balance and conjugation of opposites and health.

Leg sleeve snake tattoo design

Then in Hindu myths, there is a serpent named Shesha as a main creature in creation. Based on the Hindu practices, Shesha is depicted with numerous heads and holds another deity, Vishnu. It has a similar meaning to being a sign of rebirth and healing because of the animal’s ability to shed off its skin. This is a popular connection with snake tattoos that people choose.

Tattoo snake by Alex Bennie
Tattoo by Alex Bennie

Lastly, in Mexican culture, the snake represents a powerful image of worship, honor, and humanity. This idea gives people something to aspire for. That would bring individuals to greater heights as people learn to find the ability to alter and overcome numerous difficult situations in life.

Asian oriental sholder snake tattoo design

Snake Tattoos Various Meanings

These meanings of snake tattoos may have come from different cultures, but it is observed that they associate similar concepts and symbolizations. Other known symbols are as follows:

• Duality

The representation of double snakes in healing also shows the identification of this certain animal with the process of life and death. A snake shows the struggles men have to endure as the individual go through different phases in life.

Leg sleeve snake tattoo by Aleksei Burkov
Tattoo by Aleksei Burkov

• Conflict

As there is the moving image of a snake, people who could incorporate these meanings of snake tattoos as an illusion that suggests conflicts. These are challenges that come to humans which should be surpassed or overcome.

Full back japanese style snake tattoo design

• Temporariness

The process of shedding off skin shows how snakes could be reborn, however, for people this is a symbol of understanding the temporariness of human’s life on earth.


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