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Women Turned Their Mastectomy Scars Into Beautiful Tattoos Women Turned Their Mastectomy Scars Into Beautiful Tattoos - Photo by P-ink.org Full view

Women Turned Their Mastectomy Scars Into Beautiful Tattoos

Article Written by: Mary McCoy

The beautiful way breast cancer survivors are honoring their scars

A mastectomy is a life-altering surgery for many women. It’s a double-edged sword, really, because the surgical removal of breast tissue saves lives, but it can also cause women to question their bodies and their femininity as the wounds heal.

While every woman has the right to handle her recovery in the way she deems best, we love how these women chose to embrace their new femininity with these stunning tattoo masterpieces.

Delicate Vines


Tattoo over mastectomy scars
Photo by Gugo Tattoo

Vines curl delicately across the torso and chest of this woman, whose scars are barely noticeable with the tattoo.

Angel Wings and a Symbol of Hope


Mastectomy and tattoos
Photo by P-ink.org

This young cancer survivor will forever remember her struggle and hope with this gorgeous piece.

Flowered Bra Cup


Flowered bra cup tattoo over scar
Photo by Bleuvous.com

This simple design of a flower mimics the appearance of an intricate bra cup.

A Tribal Design


Tattoo over mastectomy scars
Photo by Tattrx.com

We love how the curve of this tribal design mimics the curve of this survivor’s body, scars or not.

Colors and Detailed Design


Detailed tattoo over mastectomy scars
Photo by Needles and Sins

Rather than opting for reconstruction, this survivor emblazoned a colorful design across her scars and collarbone.

A Beautiful Star


Tattoo covers mastectomy scars
Photo by Tattoodo

There’s so much to love about this tattoo, which is both feminine and strong in its design and execution.

A Vine for a Sleeve


Tattoo over mastectomy scars
Photo by Tattoo Road Trip

We love when survivors appreciate their tattoos so much that they opt to continue the design onto the rest of their bodies.

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*Note from Sick Tattoos – Unfortunately, we were not able to find the information on the artists who are responsible for these tattoos. If you happen to know who did one of these pieces, please feel free to leave a comment and let us and the rest of the readers know!

Written by Sick Tattoos

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