Monthly Archives: July 2015

David Beckham Adds Sweet Tattoo For His Daughter Harper

July 31, 20150

The soccer star, 40, took to Instagram on Sunday, July 26, to share a photo of a new tattoo that he had…

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Sunburn Tattoos and Health Issues

July 22, 20150

Dermatologists are alarmed by a new fad that they say is jeopardizing health. It’s called sunburn tattooing, and doctors say…

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Physician uses tattoos to boost blind clients’ self-confidence

July 20, 20150

Tattoos placed on the eyeball are opening up new possibilities for some eye injury patients. One such procedure, which adds…

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Featured Tattoo Artist: Laky Tattoo’s

July 18, 20150

This week, our featured tattoo artist is Laky Tattoo’s. He creates stunning realistic horror tattoos. Here are some of his…

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Tattoos And Workplace. Do They Really Mix?

July 17, 20150

The beauty of a tattoo may be in the eye of the beholder, but what your boss thinks about it…

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Insane Mad Max Tattoos by Paul Acker

July 7, 20150

Paul Acker captures the Mad Max movie characters with his insane realistic tattoos. Here are just a few. For those…

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Top 10 American Flag Tattoo Design Ideas

July 3, 20150

The American flag stands tall and strong among all the countries of the world. The 50 stars shining intense representing…

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