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7 Wicked Bodysuit Tattoos

The art of tattooing has expanded from small and simple designs to more intricate and varied concepts. Tattoo enthusiasts and artists have found different ways to showcase their work and their tattoos. One of the forms people are becoming more interested in is having bodysuit tattoos.

Tattoo by Astrid Köpfler

Process of Tattooing

People get excited to browse through different inspirations for their first tattoos. Individuals usually try to start with some of the popular designs while others would prefer to showcase their own unique style. The bodysuit tattoos, however, is a more extensive form of tattooing. It is achieved by tattooing the whole body or a large portion of it.

Bodysuit tattoo by Colin Dale
Tattoo by Colin Dale

A full bodysuit uses patterns, motifs, or styles that are similar to achieve a unified design. It also takes a while to finish because an allotted time is set for the gradual addition of designs with specific rest period for healing. This is done so that the inked body parts would not get infected before proceeding to the addition of the next design.

Adrian Lee bodysuit tattoo design
Tattoo by Adrian Lee

Tattoo Associations

Bodysuit tattoos are usually associated with circus performances and freak shows. These associations came because of the unusual styles and unique individual appearances people would have. This form of tattooing, however, is not limited to these strange associations. In history, it could be seen from traditional Japanese tattooing which reflects a cultural background among the country’s indigenous people. But with the changes in society, the traditional Japanese tattoos now have a modern and high association with the Yakuza gangsters.

Tattoo by Isnard Barbosa

Traditional Japanese Tattooing

In the earlier history of tattooing, the Japanese have various spiritual and decorative purposes for the procedure. It is known as irezumi in the Japanese language. This term means the act of inserting ink under the skin to get a permanent mark. Ainu people (Japanese indigenous group) are known to practice this art, but there is no specific identification to the development of the irezumi. Aside from the concept that is gravely associated with pain.

Filip Leu bodysuit tattoo design
Tattoo by Filip Leu

Japanese bodysuit tattoos are usually inked on the back of an individual. The tattoo is done to cover the entire back which is from the neck up to a few centimeters below the butt. Individuals who choose to have this tattoo use traditional elements like water, wind, rocks, fire, clouds and others.

Bodysuit tattoo by Jeff Gogue
Tattoo by Jeff Gogue

New Designs and Evolution

Concepts and styles used in bodysuit tattoos have now stretched to numerous designs based on a tattooist’s ideas.

Bodysuit tattoo by Nissaco
Tattoo by Nissaco

There are even unusual motifs that are getting on trend like having a full inked skeletal system, a head to toe embellished body, and animal covered torsos. Still, other people tried to incorporate both traditional and modern art designs to show a fresh style. They get inspiration from Japanese traditional irezumi elements and make their body similar to historical full bodysuits.

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