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Basic Guide to Getting New Tattoo

You probably have your tattoo design ready by now and just mulling over the first experience of getting new tattoo. Before actually having your skin inked, it would be helpful to arm yourself with certain information so you know what to expect.

1.    Tattoo Safety. Usually, reliable tattoo shops have been in the industry for a long time. One of the reasons for the longevity of the business could be the fact that they strictly implement safety rules. The first thing you have to check in a tattoo shop is sterilization of needles and wearing of gloves. It is best to get to know the trainings and certification of tattoo artists in the shop as well.

Tattoo safety tips

2.    Where to put the tattoo. Choosing the right area is important to getting new tattoo. Although this depends on your preference, do note that some areas in the body hurt the most during the process. The areas that hurt most are the abdomen, chest and spine for men while ankle, ribcage and spine hurt the most for women. Generally, buttocks, back area and thighs don’t hurt as much.

Tips on getting a new tattoo

3.    Cost of Getting an Awesome Ink. Tattoos never come cheap, that is something you need to remember. If they do, be sure that the artist is highly experienced or you may end up shelling out more money to have it covered by a real artist. When getting new tattoo, always remember to prioritize quality over cost.

4.    Best time to get a tattoo. You would think that you can have tattoo any time of the year. Sure, but you have to consider your lifestyle. If you always go to the beach during summer months, then it is not good. Remember a new tattoo is like a wound that needs to heal quickly. The best time to get it is during fall and winter when the weather is cold and you are less exposed to the sun.

Getting a new tattoo by Sean Herman

5.    Finding the best tattoo artist. If this is your first time getting new tattoo, then you want to have the best experience. You want an artist who can give you the design you have in mind. Examine the work of the prospective artists and consult with them first. The best artists are those who can bring more on the table.

Lastly, keep in mind that getting new tattoo when you are sick is never a good idea. You need your white blood cells so that the tattoo can heal quickly. If your resistance is low, then your body is more receptive to infections.

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