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Become a Fashion Tattoo Model

Want to Be a Fashion Tattoo Model? Here’s How!

Models do not tend to follow the same plan. As fashion tattoos receive increasing attention these days, so does the requirement for better alternative models. Whether you are just lightly inked or heavily adorned, becoming a fashion tattoo model is an excellent way for you to get paid for espousing your individuality. If you want to become a fashion tattoo model, follow these simple tips:

Tattoo model swim suite
Tattoo model Cleo Wattenstrom

1.    Define Your Personal Style
Before you can start looking for work as a fashion tattoo model, you will need to define your personal style and make up your mind in terms of the kind of jobs that you wish to pursue. Do your researches on various types of gigs that are available to fashion tattoo models to check which types best suit your individuality. Whether you depict your inspiration from a pinup scene, rockabilly, or punk, it is essential to known which kind of fashion tattoo you are interested in prior to building your portfolio and looking for work.

male tattoo models
Tattoo models Rick Genest (left) and Bradley Soilea (right)

2.    Practice Your Posing Skills

There is more to being a fashion tattoo model than merely having the right look. This means you have to know your peculiar characteristics, and flaunting them. If you do not have any previous experience in modeling, you can start practicing your pose by snapping a few photos of yourself while trying out various looks. You can also try practicing your pose in front of the mirror. This will help you identify which kind of poses work best for you, which pose don’t and how to flatter the various parts of your body.

tattooed male model
British model Billy Huxley

3.    Put up Your Portfolio

Just like your curriculum vitae, the function of a portfolio is to aid models with landing an assignment by displaying their peculiar style and appearance to potential clients and agencies. Ideally, your portfolio must be composed of about 6 to 12 pictures of yourself – a combination of full body shots and headshots. Remember to place importance on quality over quantity. It is better to have lesser, high-quality pictures than having a lot but poor-quality ones. Preferably, your fashion tattoos must be visible; although, it is not a requirement to pose in a lingerie or swimsuit unless you are at ease in doing so.

Tattoo Model Cat McNeil

4.    Self-promote and Network

If you want to land a job as a fashion tattoo model, it is crucial to get your face out there, literally. One excellent way to find job is by joining a modeling agency. These agencies link models with clients which can make it a lot easier for you to land a job. Research modeling agencies in your locality that cater to non-traditional models and file an application to clients that you feel are a good match to your personal style.

Cleo Wattenström tattoo model
Cleo Wattenström tattoo model

Alternatively, you may opt to work independently by submitting your portfolio to potential clients or by attending casting calls. If you are trying to look for potential publication or businesses to work with, it is crucial to determine if engaging a fashion tattoo model will make sense for their brand. Furthermore, you can also find resources online where models are able to promote their portfolio network with other models in the industry.

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