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Girls Playing with the Big Bad Boys of Tattoo

April 30, 20150

Scientists believed that some of the earliest people who used tattoos were the Egyptians. More specifically, the Egyptian women. Some…

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Become a Fashion Tattoo Model

April 27, 20150

Want to Be a Fashion Tattoo Model? Here’s How! Models do not tend to follow the same plan. As fashion…

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Featured: Mesmerizing Black Ink Tattoos

April 14, 20150

Based in Poland, freelance tattoo artist Kamil Czapiga specializes in the ‘pointillism’ technique, creating beautiful black ink tattoos. According to Visual…

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Religious Tattoo Designs Celebrating Easter

April 4, 20150

Many Christians around the world celebrate Easter with special church services, music, candlelight, flowers and the ringing of church bells.…

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The Link between Mastectomy and Tattoos

March 29, 20151

Mastectomy and tattoos go hand in hand with women and breast cancer. Today, mastectomy is a very common operation among…

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The Relation Between Tattoos And Music

March 28, 20150

A society is often determined by its norms and practices, and each society has its own way of showing them.…

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Tattoo Artist Stars in Luxury Watch Photoshoot

March 28, 20150

Meet Jordan Liddell. Tattoo Artist, model, artist. Currently using his keen eye for detail and creative streak to create scarily…

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The Inspiration Behind Famous Artists and Tattoos

March 27, 20150

Tattoos are popular among people of different backgrounds. Famous celebrities are no exemption. Famous artists and tattoos have long caught…

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Featured Article: A Tattoo Lover With Ambition

March 26, 20150

This week we want to share this article where we feature a young tattoo lover that is turning his dream…

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Magical Disney Inspired Tattoos

March 19, 20150

The remarkable World of Disney is cherished by kids around the globe and many of those kids continue to adore…

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