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Upcoming Regulations For Tattoo Studios in Tippecanoe County

June 15, 20150

Tattoo studios in Tippecanoe County, IN will certainly see more regulations in coming months. Tippecanoe County Commissioners authorized a body…

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False Positive: Tattoos Mistaken For Cancer During Imaging Test

June 10, 20150

When a California woman with cervical cancer underwent a body image scan, medical professionals observed bright areas in her lymph…

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70 Year Old Retired Accountant Covers Body With Tattoos

May 19, 20150

A 70 year old, retired accountant who is the pillar of his local community is hiding a secret under his…

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Marine Banned For Tattoos

May 7, 20150

Recently, a lot has actually occurred and been stated in regards to the U.S Military and tattoos. Last month the…

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Become a Fashion Tattoo Model

April 27, 20150

Want to Be a Fashion Tattoo Model? Here’s How! Models do not tend to follow the same plan. As fashion…

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What Is The Best Time to Get Tattooed and Pierced?

April 20, 20150

The tattooing and piercing industry has always been cyclical here in Colorado.  We slow down a bit in the winter…

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Women Turned Their Mastectomy Scars Into Beautiful Tattoos

March 2, 20150

Article Written by: Mary McCoy The beautiful way breast cancer survivors are honoring their scars A mastectomy is a life-altering…

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Extreme Eye Tattoos by Rafael Leão Dias

February 19, 20150

Among a few things that makes eye tattoos interesting is that oftentimes, they look different from day to day and…

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Cancer Survivors Get Tattoos In Colorado

February 3, 20150

A Colorado company, P.ink, has matched cancer survivors to tattoo artists. Reclaiming their bodies is a fundamental part of emotional…

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Judi Dench Has Harvey Weinstein Tattooed Where?

January 18, 20150

Dame Judi Dench was primarily working in British television before kingmaker Harvey Weinstein cast her in the lead role of…

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