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Dark Angel Tattoos and their Meaning

An angel is one of the most popular and symbolic tattoo designs that you could get. Some people think that having an angel tattoo is like having protection from evil spirits. Others just like how beautiful and graceful they look with their angel wings.

But what about dark angel tattoos?

Dark angel full back tattoo design

According to psychic arts, a dark angel is defined as an angel that has been cast out of heaven for doing bad things. These are angels who chose to oppose God and are banished from heaven. One of the most well-known dark angels is Lucifer.

Lucifer is one of the most beautiful angels before he fell from grace and was banished from Heaven. He envied the praise and the love that God has and so he defied God’s will. vLike man, angels are given the choice to do good and bad. An angel who chooses to do bad things is known as a fallen angel or dark angel.

Dark angels and demons tattoo design

A dark angel is not synonymous to the Angel of Death. The Angel of Death may be portrayed sometimes as the grim reaper with its scythe, dark hood and long robe. But he is actually the angel that gives you peace and healing and brings you to heaven.

So why do people get dark angel tattoos if it is synonymous to Satan or Lucifer?

Child dark angel tattoo

Just like an angel from heaven is a symbolism of heavenly protection, dark angel tattoos also have a symbolism for some people. These tattoos could depict triumph over evil or a deeper symbolism about the devil. They could also mean that the person has fallen from grace or has felt he/she has sinned so badly that they feel they have to have dark angel tattoos to brand themselves as sinners.

Demon tattoo by Paul Booth
Tattoo by Paul Booth

Some extreme symbolism of dark angel tattoos could also be that the person getting it is against Christianity or any religion. Some people just get dark angel tattoos for no reason at all. They simply think that these are beautiful works of art.

Angel and demons tattoo design
Tattoo by Javier Tattoo

Having a tattoo about a dark angel on your body can cause people to look at you strangely, especially if it is in a visible part of your body. They could confuse you as someone who is dangerous or is affiliated with religious protesters. They could try to avoid you and even hurt you. So the next time you are choosing a tattoo design, think of how it can affect you for the rest of your life.

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