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Evolving Tattoo Art

Think of your skin as a blank canvas, waiting for an artist’s masterful hands to turn it into art in motion. The master painter is called the tattoo artist and his medium is ink.

In the past, a tattoo is usually sported by soldiers, prison inmates, bikers and rock stars. There was also a stigma against people who had tattoos, branding them as hooligans who are always out looking for trouble.

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These days, the tattoo industry has grown exponentially and has become more widely accepted than ever before. Over the last couple of years, tattoos have become not just a form of entertainment but also a form of self-expression and works of art. People from all walks of life can now wear their art proudly on their bodies. Choosing to get a tattoo is no longer reserved for the people mentioned earlier.

Tattoo by Kamil Mocet
Tattoo by Kamil Mocet

In the olden days, a tattoo artist had very limited tools to use for his or her craft. A simple needle and a set of ink are all they need to make tattoo art. The first step is to select a design from readily available designs at the tattoo parlor. Back then, tattoos were very limited to the designs that the tattoo artist has in his or her portfolio. Then the desired design is drawn onto the skin using a pen. The needle is dipped into the ink and pricked repeatedly onto the skin until the design has been completed. This method of creating tattoo art is very time consuming especially if it’s a huge and intricate design. It was also considered unhygienic as sometimes, the tattoo artist would use the same needle and unfinished ink to tattoo on the next person. Some patrons even consider this method as very painful because of the time it takes to repeatedly ingrain the ink into your skin. Full body tattoos were unheard of because of this basic method of creating a tattoo.

Tattoos by Kynst
Tattoos by Kynst

Today, tattoo art can be anything under the sun: big or small, easy or complex, black, white, full color; the possibilities are endless! The tools of the trade have been greatly improved from manual needle pricking, to electronic, and to air powered methods. Safety measures have also been established to reduce the spread of skin diseases and other contagious illnesses that can be contracted while getting a tattoo. The designs are no longer limited to the available designs in the tattoo parlour. Because of all the new innovations in creating tattoo art, you can tattoo just about anything your heart desires.

Tattoos by Scott Ellis
Tattoos by Scott Ellis

Tattoo art can now range from a simple design like a meaningful word or an important saying, to more intricate and complex designs like paintings similar to those you see in museums, 3D designs, or multiple faceted designs. Schools offering and specializing in tattoo design have also become widespread. Tattoo artists are celebrities in their own right and are admired for all the beautiful art they have made. Publications on tattoo art have increased in demand as sources of inspiration for budding young and old tattoo artists alike.

The evolution of tattoo artistry stemmed from mankind’s desire to express himself and create beautiful works of art on his skin. Though a tattoo is not for everyone, its beauty, even to a non-artist’s eye is a sight to behold.

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