Extreme Eye Tattoos by Rafael Leão Dias Extreme Eye Tattoos by Rafael Leao Dias Full view

Extreme Eye Tattoos by Rafael Leão Dias

Among a few things that makes eye tattoos interesting is that oftentimes, they look different from day to day and from image to image. This is in part because of the way the ink is suspended over a nearly white backing and under a transparent “laminate” (unlike a “regular” tattoo, which is mixed into practically opaque tissue underneath a later on of genetics-tinted translucent skin), and in part because the pigment particles are drifting in between these 2 layers, not secured location, and slowly move around due to a range of factors (for example, gravity, pressure from eyelids, or rubbing from fingers).

Eye tattoo by Rafael Leao Dias

Rattoo’s over-the-top blue eyeballs (done by Brazil’s Rafael Leão Dias of Dhar-Shan Body Art Tattoo & Piercing).

eye tattoo by Rafael Dias

Rafael by the way is perhaps the most respected eyeball tattoo artist in Brazil, if not the best in South America as a whole, and has actually done numerous fascinating individuals and well-known body modification microstars– for example, Rodrigo Musquito (very first line of photos below, with the full-face skull tattoo), pro Mixed Martial Arts fighter Danver Santos (2nd line of photos listed above), and mega-modded-couple Victor Peralta and Ana Diabolick.

More eye tattoos by Rafael Leão Dias


Eye tattoo by Rafael Dias


maryjo-red-eye-tattooFor more information about Rafael and his eye tattoos  click here.

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