Fashion and Tattoos, Do They Really Mix? Fashion and Tattoos, Do They Really Mix? Full view

Fashion and Tattoos, Do They Really Mix?

The world of fashion is very fickle. One moment bell bottoms are in, and then skinny jeans are the most coveted item of clothing. Very few things are permanent when it comes to the fashion industry. But for all its fickleness, the fashion industry is not immune to the beauty of a tattoo. Although laser surgery can remove them, these tattoos are the one thing in fashion that’s at least semi-permanent.

Models with Ink

Tattoo model photo by Jack Russell
Photo Source: Jack Russell

There was once a time in fashion history when the most desirable models have a complexion that is as pure as they come; no blemishes, no scars, no marks, nothing to make them look less than perfect. But as the world changes, the idea of beauty also evolved. Some of the world’s most famous fashion models started sporting tattoos. From supermodel Kate Moss whose fashion tattoos are inconspicuously placed in her body to Male supermodel Tyson Beckford’s body art that’s limited to his arms, it looks like models are not going to give up on their body art fix anytime soon.

Permanent Cosmetic

Tattoo model: Kristen Leanne
Tattoo model: Kristen Leanne

One of mankind’s most wonderful inventions is makeup. Makeup can transform and provide confidence to its wearer. A dash of blush here or a swipe of lipstick and mascara sometimes can make a difference in a girl’s appearance. But what if you don’t have to put on makeup every day and still look like you have it on? Tattoos can be put where there is skin thus the emergence of a permanent makeup or permanent cosmetic. Some women have used tattoos to make their lips redder. Some even made their eyeliner permanently inked in their eyes. Sounds painful, but it’s true. Other tattoos that have replaced makeup are artificial eyebrows, which are sometimes needed by people who have suffered from a disease or had gone through chemotherapy.

Another “permanent cosmetic” could be a beauty mark similar to Marilyn Monroe’s. There are some fashion tattoos that are purely for novelty like a beauty mark. They are tiny, harmless and non- painful way to distinguish one person, ever so slightly, from another. Some people in the fashion world consider beauty marks as adorable.

Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoo design ideas

Henna has so many uses in fashion. Tattoos are some of them. Although these are not considered permanent, henna has been used in fashion magazine spreads and shows to depict an actual permanent tattoo. The best part about henna is that it is very changeable, just like fashion. Tattoos made with henna fades within a few weeks, sometime less, if a good scrubbing is involved. Henna is widely used in Indian fashion as an intricate art that is drawn on women’s hands and feet. Traditionally, Mehndi or henna is reserved for a bride before the wedding ceremonies. But its beauty has captured the hearts of fashionistas all over the world.

White Tattoos

White tattoo design
Tattoo by John Bodygraphic

No sooner that fashion tattoos started to become widely accepted, the Gods of ink have invented white tattoo. Instead of the traditional black or colored tattoos, white tattoos simply make for a more discreet form of tattoo. Some designers still have that notion that fashion models cannot have visible body art as it takes away the focus away from their designs. Models can use white tattoos to discreetly own permanent body art. Even if white tattoos can barely be seen, its purity and discreet message holds an appeal to some fashionistas.

Temporary Gold and Silver Tattoos

Golden and silver temporary tattoos

The appeal for gold and silver tattoos is so obvious. Anything that glitters, the fashion world laps it up. Some of these gold and silver tattoos look so much like the real thing, you can hardly tell the difference unless you look closely. You get the bling without digging in to your entire savings.
Tattoos in fashion are here to stay. Expect to see more of these beautiful body art for years to come.

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