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Featured Article: A Tattoo Lover With Ambition

This week we want to share this article where we feature a young tattoo lover that is turning his dream a reality! His name is Scott, and he will be telling us about the tattoos of Lancaster Roberts. We are interested in getting to know a little more about his vision and the stories behind his ink

“If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
If you can dream – and not make dreams your master
Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch”


Tattoo lover with ambition
Scott Lancaster the founder of Lancaster Roberts


Q: What this quote means to you?

A: These three lines had always meant something to me ever since the first time I heard them. They belong to a poet named Rudyard Kipling, someone who I hadn’t even heard of yet his words have essentially molded my outlook on life and how I deal with situations.

I wear those words on my forearm to remember 3 main elements of, what I believe, creates a successful mindset.

Perseverance – No matter who tries to dishearten you, follow your intuition and trust in your own ability and the ability of others.

Be Overly Ambitious – but don’t become complacent or delusional, stay focused and realistic in your decision making.

Stay Humble – no matter what level of success you achieve, the people who helped you climb to the top can also help bring you down.

Q: What inspired you to pursue your dreams?

A: It was these exact thoughts that inspired me to start my own watch company and try and bring something different into the world. All the best Entrepreneurs do this, they try and simply make a difference.

Lacaster Robets watches

I have a guardian angel on my forearm with two shooting stars to her left. The angel was my first tattoo, I saw it as part of an arm piece and needed to have it. It’s a symbol of the people I’ve had watching over me in the past. Without going into to much detail, it mean a lot me and drives me forward.

Q: What can you tell us about your tattoo stars?

A: The two stars represent my two younger brothers. When I was younger it was just me, my mam and brothers. We developed this amazing bond and they we are both so individual and talented in their own little way. I they’ve got amazing futures ahead of them, and I try and to set the best example possible.

Q: Any other tattoos?

A: Yes, I have a rose for my best friend who has literally been with me through thick and thin. We’ve had so many fallings out I’ve lost count. But he’s just one of those people who would always go out his way to make you feel better or make sure your okay. I’ve known him for 10 years and even if we haven’t seen each other in a long time, it would literally take us a second and it would feel like we’d never been apart. He went through a hard time when he lost someone close to him and he got a rose to commiserate that event, I thought I’d follow suit in support.

Some others are purposely hidden. I also have a heart and snowflake tattooed in white ink. They both represent a person who has changed my outlook on life and helped me develop myself. If I hadn’t met those two people, there’s a very good chance I would be a very different person to the one I am today.

My final piece is the statue of liberty naked, a little more diverse less serious. I was sitting in a coffee shop after leaving a previous job and was considering a career change. Browsing the Internet, I saw a picture of the statue of liberty and a contradictory picture of a naked woman to its left. It was so random and for some reason, something just clicked. I realized I wasn’t shackled to my career; I needed to look at things in a different light. The fact things I got bored in my previous job was not a bad thing, it was basically telling me what direction to go next. I get so restless if I’m doing the same thing over and over again.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about Lancaster Roberts?

A:It all started when our group of friends began to wonder what actually defined a luxury watch? Although there was a huge selection of designs and straps available, we found that genuine luxury watches like Rolex and Tag Heuer were far too expensive for a lot of people, especially us!

Tattoos and Lancaster Roberts

We found that the quality of the watch is the most important, but how the customer feels when he/she wears it is just as crucial. We spent a lot of time creating something that would allow people to afford a luxury watch, but more importantly, be able to make it personal to them. There’s nothing worse than wearing something that you know masses of other people are wearing, It’s seem completely pointless.

Our mission is to deliver a beautiful, elegantly designed range of watches, all of which are individual in their own distinctive way.

Q: Where can we find your watch collection?

A: We just released our first Indiegogo campaign, which is really cool, you can pre-order them for free and you you don’t pay until end of May, so its very flexible. We will also be placing models in jewelry stores across the world, however we wanted to allow people to buy the product without the retail mark up before stores have the chance to increase the price. It’s nice to work directly with the customer, it makes it even more personal.

You can also find and like them on Facebook — http://www.facebook.com/LancasterRoberts

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