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Featured Tattoo Artist: Grime

He has actually been an icon in the Northern California tattoo scene for many years. Admired by the young powerhouses of the industry, Grime’s art work is constantly innovative, ingenious and, unlike no one else. Having withstood a catastrophic encounter with a fiery field back when he was a child; author, artist and owner of San Francisco’s Skull & Sword, Grime triumphed over hardship and without delay traveled the world, extreme burns and all, in a mission for an appropriate definition of life.

A definition that showed the well-known saying, “tattoos are pictures of your inside on the outside.” In Grime’s case, this is undoubtedly true, for his tattoos and paintings reflect a degree of pain, outrageousness, substantial loss, protest and a will to survive that is special among the present tattoo community. Here are just a few of his tattoo creations!

full chest snake tattoo by Grime
















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