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Featured Tattoo Artist: Jess Yen

Jess Yen is an award winning artist on both, worldwide and nationwide level. He is renowned for his realistic portraits and elaborate body suits. He is equally well-known for his black and grey as much as he is for his color work. He is recognized as a master of New School Oriental art design.

Founder of My Tattoo, a multicultural tattoo shop located in Southern California. They concentrate on producing a range of tattoos utilizing both device and conventional tebori hand design.

Here are just a few tattoos by Jess Yen. Enjoy!

Jess Yen dragon tattoo bodysuit













His specialties are Oriental bodysuit and realistic tattoo designs in both color and black & gray. He is known as a master of New School Asian art style where you discover elements of realistic look and materialism in his tattoo.



Jess Yen cat hand tattoo design

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