Featured Tattoo Artist: Philip Milic Featured Tattoo Artist: Philip Milic Full view

Featured Tattoo Artist: Philip Milic

This week, our featured tattoo artist is Philip Milic. His works are always original. When creating a new tattoo art, he always take into consideration how his art will look throughout the years, and understanding that tattoos are meant to look ageless and need to grow with the persons body as well preventing dogmatic and aggressive styles as much as possible do to knowing view points change with age.






He says tattoos are a method of adornment and charm, they are as old as time its self. Philip likewise understands and feels the value of spirituality and religions in there vast forms. He will concur that there is nothing more powerful, more exciting than the improvement and healing which one can receive through the rights of passage that a tattoo could bring into a persons life.






Philip highly thinks that he owes tattooing everything and that tattooing owes him absolutely nothing and he will remain to dedicate him self to the spirit of tattooing, art, and the human form that carries it.

Philip Milic arm sleeve and full back tattoo





For more information about Philip, click here…also, check his Instagram page @pmtattoos.


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