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Horror Movie Inspired Tattoos

Horror movies are a thrill to watch. A lot of people love watching horror movies because they feel their own adrenalin rising with every horrific scene and blood curling screams from the lead actors and actresses. Some go to extremes and have horror tattoos on their bodies. These are the fanatics that want to bring with them a piece of their favorite horror films.

These are some of the most popular horror tattoos that horror fanatics ink themselves with.

Exorcist tattoo by Kevin Lewis
Tattoo by Kevin Lewis

One of the most famous horror tattoos ever made is a tattoo of the Exorcist. It has the same scare factor when you see it on film and on a tattoo. That disturbing grin and evil eye will certainly give anyone who looks at it plenty of nightmares.

Horror movie scary mask tattoo sleeve

A tattoo of a scary mask is also quite popular with horror movie fanatics. There are several movies where the villain is wearing a smooth, faceless mask and wields a sharp object like a knife to kill their victims. If you are not familiar with this horror movie series, then this is one of the horror tattoos that you will just regard as any regular weird tattoo. But if you have watched these movies when you were a little kid, chances are, you will feel slightly afraid if you see someone with this tattoo.

Dark geisha tattoo design by Liz Cook

Tattoos of china dolls or lifelike and realistic dolls also make for great horror tattoos. As a little girl, you have been given a doll at least once in your lifetime. Horror movies have portrayed these dolls as evil little things ready to take over your body and live forever as a human being.

Full back werewolf tattoo design

Tattoos of about werewolves are also inspired by horror movies. The dangerous, monstrous beast has been a tattoo artist’s favorite because of how ferocious it looks. Men are more partial to this kind of tattoo as they don’t necessarily depict horror movies most of the time. A werewolf is a powerful beast that some men want to be associated with.

Realistic Dracula tattoo design

The sworn enemy of the werewolves, the vampire or the creature of the night is a favorite tattoo among Goths. From a simple vampire bite tattoo to a full on vampire face tattooed on their back or arms, vampires are a source of fascination for a lot of people who are into the Goth lifestyle.

Realistic zombie full back tattoo

Lastly, zombie tattoos are on the rise these days because of the many horror movies and TV shows about the world turning into a zombie infested world. A lot of fanatics argue that this could actually happen and have already taken measures to ensure that they survive in case zombie apocalypse does happen.

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