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If You Love Your Ink, You Never Regret It

If you have a tattoo, you’ve likely heard at least one person – family, friends, or even strangers telling you that you’re gonna regret it.

And you’ve probably felt like this:

I mean, seriously. GIF by Chelsea Lately.

Sure, it’s possible that you may endup with a tattoo done by a tattoo artist with no experience or talent, where you wish you hadn’t gotten.

It happens.

In the other hand, you may also may get a tattoo done well, which you’ll love forever and always, much like these people.

Angie Bird directed a wonderful documentary called “You Won’t Regret That Tattoo,” featuring folks who are a bit older sharing stories about their tattoos. One person got their first at 17 years old, another at 68, and the rest somewhere in between.

They shared their honest and funny stories, all leading to the same conclusion: If you’re like them, you won’t regret that tattoo.

Rick got his first at 17. Many of his tattoos represent significant parts of his life.

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