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Insane Mad Max Tattoos by Paul Acker Insane Mad Max Tattoo by Paul Acker Full view

Insane Mad Max Tattoos by Paul Acker

Paul Acker captures the Mad Max movie characters with his insane realistic tattoos. Here are just a few. For those who have already seeing the Mad Max old movies, Fury Road is by far the best of them all. Enjoy!

Mad Max Wez tattoo by Paul Acker

For a film set in a post-apocalyptic desert hellscape, Mad Max: Fury Roadway is very rejuvenating. Though it’s the 4th movie in writer-director George Miller’s fervid, violent Mad Max series, it’s been a full 30 years considering that the last installment, Beyond Thunderdome. So, in many ways, Fury Roadway makes it seam brand new. In a motion picture period exhaustively filled with nonstop superhero sagas and reboots, Fury Roadway shows up, regardless of its history, as a daring, remarkable, thrilling jolt of original energy. It’s stimulating how the characters and story keep us on the edge of our seats, savoring the medium’s towering possibilities, and carrying us to a thoroughly understood world that’s completely unlike our own.

Mad Max tattoo by Paul Acker


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