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Marine Banned For Tattoos

Recently, a lot has actually occurred and been stated in regards to the U.S Military and tattoos. Last month the U.S army revealed a modification in policy that would in fact favor people with tattoos, simply put the army revealed that it was relaxing its stance on tattooed soldiers and individuals with tattoos employing. Nevertheless such a change was not a widespread step and other parts of the UNITED STATE Armed force kept their strict tattoo code, as has actually been highlighted within the Military and the case of Sgt. Daniel Knapp.

Knapp served two deployments, earned a variety of promos and was granted a valor award and all the while had a variety of tattoos, yet it is his newest body art that has seen his re-enlistment denied by Marine HQ. The tattoo in question lies on Knapp’s lower arm and is a pair of crossed rifles with the number 0311, the classification for Marine rifleman. The tattoo honors Knapp’s 2011 deployment in Afghanistan and was approved by his individual command however was considered by Marine Corps Head office as making Knapp unfit to re-enlist. Aside from his tattoos Knapp is thought about a leading tier Marine ranking in the leading ten-percent in physical fitness, task efficiency and marksmanship.

Marine corps and strict tattoo rules

“They didn’t have an issue meritoriously promoting me when I had a tattoo,” he said. “I had never heard anything about my tattoos. Nothing was said until I went to the career planner.”

“Everything was going great,” he said. “I always intended on staying in. I picked up meritorious corporal on my first deployment to Afghanistan and sergeant right after that. I was almost going on three years as a sergeant. All the battalion staff thought I was pretty competitive. They were pretty amazed how they shot me down for re-enlistment. Nobody could believe it.”


His goal now, and the goal of using cases like his during PME, is to ensure other squared-away Marines don’t make the same mistake. He was inspired by some of his seniors’ tattoos, and worries he may have had the same influence on his Marines. “Some of the best leaders that I ever had in the Marine Corps had tattoos and that might have even lead subconsciously for me to want to get those tattoos,” Knapp said. “My Marines, they look up to me and I’m sure some of them have gotten tattoos just because they see me.”

“Honestly as much as I love being in, I couldn’t go over to the Army because being a Marine is something that I love,” he said. “I always wanted to be a Marine. When I became one, I wanted to be the best Marine. If I went over to the Army, I would spend the rest of my time regretting it.”

The story of Knapp’s re-enlistment struggles is possibly another presentation that whenever society takes an advance with tattoos it quickly takes one back. It is true that in the UNITED STATE Military tattoos are gradually becoming more accepted however it is likewise true that it is a slow progression.

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Story source:  www.marinecorpstimes.com

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