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Married a Tattoo Addicted

How far is too far? Some people can become addicted to tattoos, it goes beyond life style, it turns into an obsession.

If you married a tattoo addict, you probably sport one or more tattoos yourself. People who married a tattoo addict can tolerate a wife or a husband with many tattoos. But when does it become too much? And what do you do to help them curb this addition?

Psychologists identified the reasons why some people become addicted to getting a tattoo. These are some of them.


1. If you married a tattoo addict, you’ll find that they are addicted to the adrenaline rush that a tattoo gives. The idea of avoiding pain and ensuring survival is ingrained into the very nature of human beings. When faced with danger and potential pain, the body releases adrenalin to propel a person to be stronger, faster or smarter in order to escape danger. This release in adrenalin also happens when you are being tattooed. The pain you experience helps release adrenalin and makes you feel invincible.

To steer your spouse away from the tattoo parlor, find other means to get that adrenalin rush. Go on an adventure with your spouse, ride a roller coaster or go bungee jumping. These are all great alternatives to get that adrenalin pumping. It also gets you and your spouse to bond while you keep his/ her mind away from getting a tattoo.

2. Another psychological reason for tattoo addition is being addicted to pain. Some people find being hurt physically as something that helps them relieve mental and emotional stress. They feel they are more in control of themselves when they are in pain. Thus, the continuous pricking of the needle feels addicting.

There might be some other underlying causes for your spouse’s addiction to pain. If you married a tattoo addict that is addicted to pain, seek professional help.

3. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain relievers. They are released from the brain to relieve the body of the feeling of pain whenever a person gets a tattoo. A tattoo addict gets a feeling of natural high whenever the brain releases endorphins into the body.

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To get your spouse out of that addiction, urge them to exercise. Exercise releases endorphins so you feel energized and happy after a good workout. An orgasm is another way the brain releases endorphins to the body. What great way to get rid of your spouse’s addiction than by having sex?

You exchanged vows of for better or worse when you got married. A tattoo addict, no matter how hard it gets, deserves that promise to be fulfilled. Help your spouse get rid of that addiction.

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