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Old School and Dagger Tattoos: Favorite Classic Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is considered a rite of passage for anyone. It can mark a beginning of a new path in life, a commemoration of an event or an end to a toxic relationship. Whatever the reason is, getting a tattoo is a major decision that you need to think about very carefully before you do it.

Old school tattoo designs
One decision you have to make is what kind of tattoo you will get. With so many choices and resources for tattoo art, this could be a tough decision to make. These are some of the classic favorites that people ask for when they get a tattoo for the first time.

Old school tattoos sleeve
Old school and dagger tattoos are classic examples of tattoos that have transcended time and are still popular today. Both old school and dagger tattoos could sometimes have limited colors, usually black with some red and are a lot easier to do than other colored tattoos.

dagger tattoo by Dennis M Del Prete
Tattoo by Dennis M Del Prete

Old school and dagger tattoos are also considered traditional tattoos among bikers and tattoo enthusiasts. Old school and dagger tattoos are also a favorite among sailors and soldiers as the dagger represents the weapons used for combat.

Purists of the tattoo art are also partial to getting old school and dagger tattoos at least once in their lifetime.

traditional dagger chest tattoo

A small tattoo of a favorite cartoon character is also a popular among first timers. They are fun to look at and it reminds them of their childhood. It could also be a symbol of leaving behind any attachments to childhood and entering the adult world.

traditional flower by alice carrier
Tattoo by Alice Carrier

A flower is another classic that most women get for their first tattoo. A flower symbolizes coming of age or blooming or femininity for a woman. Women tend to select a favorite flower for their first tattoo simply because they are pretty to look at.

Words or quotes are another popular choice if you want something more profound. “Love” and “hope” are some of the most popular words used for tattoos especially for women while words depicting strength and protection are the words that men prefer.

traditional dagger tattoo by Elizabeth Huxley May
Tattoo by Elizabeth Huxley May

Popular book, TV show and movie symbolism and logos are also some of the most popular tattoos ever made. Fans of book series and long running shows and movies are having their bodies tattooed and show them off at conventions.

Whatever design you choose, it is a decision that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Pick a good classic tattoo that represents something important in your life.

Featured tattoo by Heath Smith Dagger Tattoo

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