Realistic Zombie Tattoo Designs Realistic Zombie Tattoo Designs Full view

Realistic Zombie Tattoo Designs

There are so many impressive zombie tattoo designs out there, is crazy how these tattoo artists can create so many different types of zombies to creepy and nasty at times. Many of them are very detailed, and they actually capture what a zombie looks like, and certainly grabs our attention. Here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!


Little girl zombie tattoo design
Via Tattoo Surf Ink


Tattoo by Jason Rhodekill


Tattoo by Mario Hartmann


Tattoo by Mirek Vel Stotker









Karl Berringer zombie tattoo
Tattoo by Karl Berringer



Aaron Blecha | Zombie Tattoos! – illustration news Nov 26, 2014

Aaron Blecha has designed a set of Zombie tattoos for toy company, Peaceable Kingdom for their line of Jean Tats (temporary tattoos for jeans). Read more about… Zombie Tattoos! Tweet. Posted on November 26, 2014 by Aaron Blecha …

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Neo Traditional Screaming Zombie Tattoo – TattooNOW … Dec 6, 2012

a good friend and lead singer of Alice Awaits wanted a zombie and brought in a few reference shots… i took the one he liked most and retooled it to fit my style. keeping pose and shape that interested him in the first place.. but veering away …

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