Religious Tattoos: How Other Religions View Tattoos Religious Tattoos: How Other Religions View Tattoos Full view

Religious Tattoos: How Other Religions View Tattoos

There are so many tattoo designs nowadays that it has become very hard to choose just one. Many tattoos these days are comparable to actual paintings and photos and are sometimes too realistic. The choices are endless when it comes to tattoo designs. One such design that a lot of people are getting are religious tattoos.

Christianity Jesus inspired tattoo design

Religious tattoos are a common tattoo design that most people choose to show devotion to their religion. Religious tattoos are not limited to pictures of gods. It can also depict the teachings of the religion. People a deep sense of spiritualism find having religious tattoos feel a sense of pleasure because they can profess their faith without saying a word. They let their tattoos speak for them.

Christian religious full back tattoo

In Christianity, a picture of God, Jesus, Mary, the Holy Family, the saints and angels are the most common religious tattoos chosen by many Christians. Having them etched into the skin makes a Christian feel like they are closer to God and as earlier mentioned is a form of devotion to God as well. A cross is also a very popular tattoo design related to religion. Though many scholars argue that getting a tattoo is a form of altering what God has given the person, it is not entirely regulated or banned.

Hindu tattoos Shiva tattoo design

In Hinduism, a picture of the Hindu gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are the prevalent choice among Hindis sporting tattoos. It is widely acceptable for members of this religion to get a tattoo that symbolizes their love for their religion. Some tattoos are permanent while others are temporary. Hindus use tattoos as part of their rituals like weddings and birthing rituals.

Other religions like the Jews prohibit the use of permanent tattoos even if it is about religious tattoos. Their belief is that the body is made from the image and likeness of God. It should be treated with care by nourishing both mind and spirit. Another reason Jews prohibit the use of permanent tattoos is that they believe it reminds them of paganism. Jews were also forced to have a tattoo of numbers on their arms by the Nazis so most Jews abhor the idea of getting a tattoo.

religious tattoos
Islam also has the same belief as the Jews. They believe that the body is sacred and should not be voluntarily defaced and changed unless it is for medical reasons. They also believe that tattooing causes unnecessary pain which is something they are against.


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