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Incredible Forearm Sleeve Tattoos For Men

September 26, 20170

Inner & Outer Forearm Tattoo Designs For Men When guys opt for a tattoo, the arms are typically the first…

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Stunning Glowing In The Dark Tattoos Video

November 4, 20150

This video has some of the best glowing in the dark tattoo designs we seeing so far.  

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Inspiring Clock and Watch Tattoo Designs

March 7, 20150

A watch is a mechanical or electrical gadget for measuring time. It is typically given as a gift to a…

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Top 10 Disturbing 3D Tattoos

February 11, 20151

Following the top 10 tattoos, we decided to put together our top 10 disturbing 3D tattoos…these are tattoos we found…

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10 Outrageous Full Body Tattoos

February 8, 20154

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