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Married a Tattoo Addicted

May 21, 20150

How far is too far? Some people can become addicted to tattoos, it goes beyond life style, it turns into…

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Basic Guide to Getting New Tattoo

April 7, 20150

You probably have your tattoo design ready by now and just mulling over the first experience of getting new tattoo.…

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The Essential Elements of Japanese Style Tattoos

April 3, 20150

Do you know that Japanese style tattoos have deep meanings? If you have seen Japanese tattoos, they are normally comprised…

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How Is Tattooing Done?

April 2, 20150

The procedure for tattooing involves inserting pigment into the dermis layer of the skin. In early times, doing a tattoo…

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Tattoo Artist Stars in Luxury Watch Photoshoot

March 28, 20150

Meet Jordan Liddell. Tattoo Artist, model, artist. Currently using his keen eye for detail and creative streak to create scarily…

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