Tattoo Artist Stars in Luxury Watch Photoshoot Tattoo Artist Stars in Luxury Watch Photoshoot Full view

Tattoo Artist Stars in Luxury Watch Photoshoot

Meet Jordan Liddell. Tattoo Artist, model, artist. Currently using his keen eye for detail and creative streak to create scarily accurate pieces of art and also create unique tattoos for body art lovers.

Tattoo artist stars in Lancaster Roberts photoshoot

His body has been a canvas for tattoo artists across the UK as he builds a portfolio of pieces across his body, symbolizing major impacts in his life. Asked about which of his tattoos meant the most to him, he claimed “I couldn’t choose just one. There are a handful that have something very special connected to them. Like the cross beside my eye is a reflection of my religion, people think because of technology that our generation doesn’t think about that sort of stuff anymore. Being a Christian is a large part of who I am.”


lion drawing by Jordan Liddell
Lion drawing by Jordan Liddell

Asking about lifestyle of jumping between drawing, being a model and his passion for tattoo artistry, Jordan explained, “I’m actually in a really beneficial position. I get to do the 3 things that I love most and things never get boring. I love modeling because you get to meet so many new and interesting people. Then my drawing and being a tattoo artist almost comes as one. I just feel completely happy and at home when I’m creating something.” Jordan was recently featured in a Lancaster Roberts Photo shoot.

A new luxury watch company focused on producing bespoke personalized timepieces at an affordable price. “I actually just turned up to one of the shoots with a friend and I started drawing. One of the founders, Robert, started snapping pictures of me while I was drawing and all of a sudden I’ve got this $500 watch on my arm and I’m posing in front of a camera. It all happened so fast and I really enjoyed working with the team they have there.”

On the subject of his ‘Florence’ tattoo across his knuckles Jordan looked down as if in thought. “To be perfectly honest, this tattoo is possibly one of the most important. Its for a very special person who changed my life so much. Without her, there’s no chance I’d be here where I am today. “ Jordan also sells his art for up to $300 – $500 a piece to various fans and art lovers through out the world. “I love sharing my interpretation of an object or scene with others.

“The price people are willing to pay for my art is humbling but I can’t really complain as it helps me continue develop my skills so I can improve. I have even placed a drawing of a lion for sale to help launch Lancaster Roberts and allow more people to see my work.” Jordan is due to be one of the faces of Lancaster Roberts in the new ‘BeYou’. Campaign. Urging people to feel comfortable in their own skin and be feel good being themselves.

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