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Tattooing Pets: Abusive or Artistic?

Many artistic minds of this generation could find and use various medium for expression. One common activity is through getting a tattoo. A great range of available designs are created with intricate details, new concepts, and even colorful outputs. But aside from using different body parts as a canvas, other people have extended their tattoo enthusiasm to their animal pets. This idea is not practiced by many people because of the concern about it being abusive. What is really behind this? Is tattooing animals abusive or artistic?

tattooed farm pigs

Expression vs Pain

Through numerous tattoo possibilities, many artists find it a great medium of expression. Tattooing also becomes a mode of showing different personalities. In the process of getting inked, however, there is a certain amount of pain. The method of inserting the ink to the skin to have a permanent mark indicates a painful procedure.

Tattooed Sphynx cat

Some owners think that their form of artistic expression could also be extended to their pets. But the pain that is linked to inking is particularly done to those animals without their consent. Pet owners and people who are concern with the welfare of different animals are alarmed with the increasing trend of tattooed animals. They are weighing the different cases to identify if the activity of tattooing animals abusive or artistic.

Dog getting tattooed animal abuse or art
Photo: Instagram/Mistah Metro

Consent and Anesthetized

First problem that protesters have in finding tattooing animals abusive or artistic is with the process that it is done. Animals which undergo such procedure are commonly anesthetized so that they won’t feel any pain. However, the question of the moral standard of these pets being forced to have such procedure without the ability to give consent troubles many individuals. Aside from the actual inking, the animals have to undergo days or weeks of healing which could be painful and dangerous.

Specific state laws may have pet owners put to jail because of tattooing their pets. There are different states that ban this activity as this is considered as an act of animal abuse because it can cause some potential pain and infection to animals.

Art vs Abuse

Animals with tattoos
Photo: AP/The Frederick News Post, Nicole Martyn

Now, this act is banned in some parts of the United States but in some other countries this is popular. In Russia and some parts of Asia, for instance, there are many tattoo artists who are known to ink cats, pigs, or even fish. These places are yet to question the process of tattooing animals abusive or artistic.

Tattooed fish in China

In Russia, it is considered by artists as a means to decorate these animals with beautifully finished motifs. Some of them are even sold to collectors. Then in China and Vietnam, giving tattooed fish for a gift is considered to bring good luck.

With the increasing global ideas and movements, some people from the said countries, however, are starting to put tattooing animals abusive or artistic ideas alongside their new laws and practices.

***Tattooing and Piercing Pets in New York is Illegal***

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