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Terrible Tattoos, Awesome Cover Up

Tattoo art have been around for over many years.  Human ancestors may have opted to use them for a wide range of reasons. In the past, they have been utilized to show marital relations, to mark family trees, to brand slaves and to brand prisoners. During these days, they are more about showing your hobbies and interests, your passion as well as the things that are extremely important to you. For instance, you may opt to have your girlfriend’s name inked in your chest.


Tattoo cover up by Sergio
Tattoo cover up by Sergio at Black Beard Tattoo

Hundreds of years ago, you would have to go through removal procedures for terrible tattoos that involve certain controversial strategies such as injecting pigeon excrement, garlic, or wine into your skin. This is because it was widely believed at one point in time that the components found in these items would help your skin to eliminate the markings. Quite disgusting it may seem, so be thankful that the modern tattoo removal techniques no longer include these horrible treatments.

Tattoo cover up by Ashley
Tattoo cover up by Ashley at Darkside Custom Tattoo

Anybody who considers having them removed must consider the location, colors and size as well as other factors before starting with the process. Below you will find the do’s and don’ts to take into account before getting inked that may possibly help you if and when the elimination process comes along.

Tattoo cover up by Nick
Tattoo cover up by Nick at Breaking Ink


Reasons on Removing Tattoos

A number of physical, cultural and social life changes affect the decision of a person to get rid of inked markings in their body. These may include the following:

•    Replacing one with another
•    Obtaining or seeking new employment
•    Regrets about the decision
•    Old and terrible tattoos
•    Allergic reactions


Tattoo laser removal
Tattoo laser removal image by TheOasisMedicalspa.com


What You Need to Know Before Removing a Tattoo

•    Removal procedure for terrible tattoos is almost always performed on an outpatient basis
•    Certain extent of skin discoloration or scarring is a strong possibility
•    Complete removal is not always possible
•    Newer inks typically tend to be more challenging to get rid of than older ones
•    Blank and deeper blue ink colors rend to be more challenging to get rid of
•    Getting rid of terrible tattoos at home, usually applied with an uneven hand, may be more challenging to remove completely
•    Professionally done inked markings usually penetrate the skin’s deeper layers at uniform levels. This uniformity lets dermatological surgeons to employ strategies to work on a broader area of inked skin at similar depths.



Temporary Concealing Terrible Tattoos

If you are looking for ways to cover temporary cover up terrible tattoos, here’s good news for you – there’s a great way on how you can cover up that ink.

The key is to use a red lipstick first. This technique will dull the black outlines and dark colors so that we you use a concealer, it will not appear like a blotchy, bluish mess. Before you start, make sure that you thoroughly clean and moisturize the area first. To further help the color to adhere to your skin better, use an oil-free primer. Finally, if you are worried that your concealer may rub off, you can use some make-up setting spray. This technique will make the skin look more natural and help the makeup coverage last longer.

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