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What Is The Best Time to Get Tattooed and Pierced? What Is The Best Time To Get Tattooed and Pierced Full view

What Is The Best Time to Get Tattooed and Pierced?

The tattooing and piercing industry has always been cyclical here in Colorado.  We slow down a bit in the winter months and do gang busters in the spring and summer months.  Why is this?  I think part of it has to do with the retail cycle.  People are not out shopping as much during the winter months.  Cold and snow means some people stay in.  However, I also think that for tattooing and piercing it is because we are thinking less about our bundled up and covered bodies in the winter.  Spring comes and we start to shed our clothing and put our shorts and tank tops back on.  It is an out of site out of mind kind of thing.

Jared Orland Tattoo
Jared Orland Tattoo

Once people start showing more skin they start thinking of ways to improve their bodies.  So, naturally, tattoos and piercings are one way to do it .  The problem is that getting those tattoos and piercings during the summer presents some problems.  You have to heal them, and while they are healing they don’t look their best.  Especially, if you are working on a large scale tattoo that might take several sessions.  By the time the project is done it is time to put the clothes back on again, and you can’t show it off.  Plus you really want to keep new tattoos and piercing out of the pool and tattoos out of the sun.

Triple Nape by Sam McConnell
Triple Nape by Sam McConnell

You can put sunscreen on your tattoo, but only after it has healed sufficiently.  I have always told customers it is best to get your body modifications during the winter.  Nobody sees the healing that is going on, and when summer comes around, you have the full season to show off your awesome tattoo.  Spring is just around the corner, but it is not to late to come in an book that tattoo or get that navel piercing you know you want.  Start your gym work outs now.  Get your piercing and tattoos done, and be proud of your art the whole summer.

Article written by Michael Shuger

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