The Link between Mastectomy and Tattoos The Link between Mastectomy and Tattoos Full view

The Link between Mastectomy and Tattoos

Mastectomy and tattoos go hand in hand with women and breast cancer. Today, mastectomy is a very common operation among women who are more likely to have breast cancer. Mastectomy may be the last resort to save the life of a breast cancer patient, but the scars they leave behind serve as an awful reminder of the suffering that the patient had to go through.

Link between Mastectomy and tattoos

Getting a mastectomy operation is an agonizing experience. It may save a woman’s life, but the thought of removing one’s breast can make most women fell “less” like a woman. There are reports of women claiming that their sexuality is compromised after getting a mastectomy. Only some of the mastectomy scars look “nice” (and this depends on the view of people), most of them are disfiguring.

Mastectomy and tattoos

Women who underwent mastectomy have two choices: they can choose to have a mastectomy and reconstruction surgery afterwards, or mastectomy and tattoos. The former is the choice of many women who still want to regain the appearance of their breast as much as they can. The problem is; that reconstructive surgery is a difficult experience. Not only is it expensive, it also takes many sessions to complete.

Because of the various disadvantages of reconstruction, many women instead prefer mastectomy and tattoos. Many survivors like to show off their courage in fighting breast cancer. So instead of hiding it, they express their strength through tattoos on the areas where the breasts were removed. A breast cancer survivor would be proud to say that she was victorious in her battle with the disease. She can claim that although she lost a part of her body to cancer, having a tattoo over the scar made her regain confidence. She can also claim that the tattoo over the mastectomy scar was like a shield at it was more liberating compared to having reconstructive surgery to hide her victory.

Mastectomy survivors and tattoos

Tattoo artists are aware of mastectomy and tattoos. They have special designs for women who want to undergo the procedure. The inspiring part of this is, most tattoo artists who do more of this procedure are females who are breast cancer survivors themselves and have their own tattoo on the chest. Most of the designs used for tattooing a mastectomy patient are flowers which represent their femininity as well as strength and hope. Truly, mastectomy and tattoos have become partners in making women live longer and stronger.


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