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Top 10 American Flag Tattoo Design Ideas

The American flag stands tall and strong among all the countries of the world. The 50 stars shining intense representing the 50 states of the country together with the 13 stripes that lay strong representing the 13 American colonies. This flag spells ‘implying’ right from its design to its importance. Amongst the many ramifications of this theme, perhaps the most symbolic is the ‘inspiration to live your dream’. To live in a free nation was once a dream, and this flag is motivation for those who wish to escape from things that are holding them back, and battle to living their dream.

Here are just a few amazing ways which you can integrate this theme into a remarkable and special tattoo design.

American flag and eagle tattoo












Tattoo by Shane Sudduth



 American flag and eagle honoring fallen soldiers 

Tattoo by Anil Gupta


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