Top 10 Disturbing 3D Tattoos Top 10 Disturbing 3D Tattoos Full view

Top 10 Disturbing 3D Tattoos

Following the top 10 tattoos, we decided to put together our top 10 disturbing 3D tattoos…these are tattoos we found throughout the net, some show the tattoo artist that created the amazing tattoo, others we were not able to find the source. Enjoy!

3D disturbing neck tattoo
3D head tattoo
3D lip disturbing tattoo
3D disturbing chest tattoo
3D back tattoo
3D All Star tattoo
3D disturbing tattoo
3D disturbing tattoos
3D snake tattoo
3D disturbing eye tattoo
*Note from Sick Tattoos – Unfortunately, we were not able to find the information on the artists who are responsible for these tattoos.  If you happen to know who did one of these pieces, please feel free to leave a comment and let us and the rest of the readers know! Cheers

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