Top 10 Incredible Tattoo Designs Top 10 Incredible Tattoo Designs Full view

Top 10 Incredible Tattoo Designs

This week, we’ve gathered our favorite top 10 incredible tattoo designs. A tattoo is, like all other artworks, a medium of self-expression. Whether by the artist or by the individual being inked, a tattoo frequently holds definition that can not be expressed in words.

Amazing neck tattoo design

Incredible Tattoo Design

Amazing Tattoo unknown artist

Amazing full back tattoo desing

Tattoo art varies significantly across the world, depending on the artist, the culture and the existing trends. Classic designs such as tribal art, pictures, and Oriental elements have actually stood the test of time with its popularity between the tattoo world.

Amazing disco tattoo design

Amazing skull sleeve tattoo design

Incredible full back color tattoo design

Amazing full back geometric tattoo design

Incredible full chest and sleeve tattoo design

Amazing dolphin back tattoo design

Tattoo art is still developing, just like its counterparts in visual arts such as painting, drawing or sculpture. A growing number of tattoo designs move away from classic themes and go toward contemporary art.

*Note from Sick Tattoos – Unfortunately, we were not able to find the information on the artists who are responsible for these tattoos. If you happen to know who did one of these pieces, please feel free to leave a comment and let us and the rest of the readers know!

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