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Top 5 Reasons Why People Get Addicted to Tattoos

The term “addiction” is thrown around many times when it comes to getting a tattoo. Certain individuals claim that the desire to get body art can be addictive although there are some who say that it fails to meet the essence of a true addiction, regarding it as only a passion. The ongoing discussion calls into question the true nature of addiction. Can addiction be purely psychological or should it involve a psychological element of being dependent to chemicals? This is because of the fact that when it comes to body art, there are numerous physiological, psychological and even social elements which can come into play with regards to tattoo addiction.

Below are the top 5 situational, mental and physical factors that can contribute to tattoo addiction:

Tattoo culture addiction
Vikings tattoos By Peter Walrus Madsen, A Mash-Up Of Nordic Folk Art And Geometry

1.    Tattoo culture – certain tattoo aficionados may feel connected to the existing tattoo sub-culture, particularly if they feel detested from a bigger community. These people may desire the sense of belongingness and the ties made though shared experiences.

Tattoo design by Kelly Doty

2.    Artistic Freedom – tattooing is a form of body alteration that is usually recognized as a form of art with the recipient as the artist, even if a competent tattoo artist drew the actual design. Painters, sculptors and other artists have been known to demonstrate indications of addiction to their particular art forms, so it is really not a surprise that tattoo artists may also do the same thing.

tattoo self expression phoenix tattoo
3.    Self-expression – Majority of body art aficionados perceive tattooing as a means for self-expression. Certain people however have difficulty with speaking and writing, and so, conveying their identity and feelings through a visual means becomes a crucial aspect of their vocabulary. For these people, body art may be the sole way that they find comfort in showing the public how they feel and who they really are.

4.    Adrenaline Rush – as an aspect of the “flight-or-fight” reaction, the hormone called adrenaline is released from the nervous system as a reaction to pain. Certain “adrenaline-junkies” may get body art just for the adrenaline rush it brings. This feeling is likened to the way other people jump out of planes with only a huge piece of nylon fastened to their backs.

full body tattoo addiction
5.    Endorphins – these compounds function as natural pain relievers that are synthesized in the brain and are pumped throughout the body to fight the pain that you feel from the needles of the tattoo gun piercing your skin. Endorphins are powerful compounds. Think of the natural “highs” that you experience with orgasms and exercise. There are certain people who get more tattoos to be able to have this feeling of rush once more.

tattoo addiction shoulder armor design

All of these factors can surely resemble an addiction, although the very nature of a true addiction must be taken into consideration. In a true addiction, the person feels obligated to engage in a particular behavior and neglects family, required aspects of everyday life such as work or even health. In this sense, tattoo addiction is more of a passion and diverges from the more traditional forms of addiction.

There’s really nothing bad about feeling good with the endorphin rush that comes along with having a body art, and having numerous tattoos in your body is nothing to be embarrassed of as long as they do not get in the way with your everyday life. So go ahead and get tattooed to your heart’s desire.


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